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What Are Session Players and What do they do?

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A Session Player comes on board to play a musical instrument for a specified period of time, either in studio or on stage, but is generally not a permanent part of the band. These specialists may play for one song during a recording session, several session recordings or they may join a band or artist for a single show. Some occassionally join the group on tour as well.

LMI Studio offers these musicians for a wide range of needs. Whether you're looking for a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keys and even the occasional vocalist...
We have the right people in mind!
Session musicians are used when musical skills are needed on a short-term basis. Typically session musicians are used by recording studios to provide backing tracks for other musicians for recording sessions and live performances; recording music for advertising, film, television, and theatre. In the 2000s, the terms "session musician" and "studio musician" became synonymous, though in past decades, "studio musician" meant a musician associated with a single record company, recording studio or entertainment agency. For this, we use the term, Session Player!

Are you in need of someone for a recording session or maybe at a particular show?

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