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We offer a long range of consultations, regarding the music industry. With most music consultants, their duties are to guide a musical artist to success. They help artists create a plan for their career, coach them on performing, help with the recording process and bring their dreams to fruition. While most consultants' responsibilities are vast, the main concentration of their efforts are in marketing. We operate a little different at LMI Studio...

Here we offer our years of experience to help guide you through the many areas of the music world. No matter what your questions are, we'll walk you through the area(s) you need help with, explaining everything related to them and what we believe your next action(s) should be.. Whether your curious about the copyright/publishing process or managers & promoters and even working with music labels, we make sure you understand these areas so that you are ready for the things that pop up later on.

Our General Music Consultations

Setup a consultation time with us and we can discuss any area of the music business, so you are prepared and ready for the processes and expenses that arise. Learn the different parts and people needed to boost your career while keeping you protected! We offer tips and tools to help better your performance(s) as well.
Recording & Engineering
Editing & Production
Mastering & Publishing
Working with a Manager
Promos & Advertising
Brand Recognition
Working with Venues
General Copyright Laws
Tour Managers & Staff
Working with Labels
Insurance - Band/Equip
Legal Contracts & Ryders
Venue Requirements & Requests
Stage-work & Setups
Using an Accountant
Hiring Music Attorneys
Best Travel Practices
Artist/Band Composure
Working Public Events
Interviews - Audio/Visual
Photo & Video Shoots
And So Much More!

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