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A Producer is Important

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Music Production is the process by which music is created, captured, manipulated, and preserved so that it can be distributed and enjoyed. All of the recorded music that you know and love exists because it went through the production process, no matter how well-known or underground a recording may be.

The role of a music producer has always been a somewhat nebulous one. Increasingly it can mean a number of vastly different things. Is someone who programs a beat a producer? Yes. Is someone who takes calls, coordinates meetings, and gets artists signed to labels a producer? Yes. Is someone who plays bass, co-writes songs, and mediates disputes between band members a producer? Yes.. So again, a Producer is a very integral part of the entire musical project, and a needed part to achieve some form of success.

Keep in mind, a Producer handles so many roles but only oversees the Recording and Engineering process. Yes, they might be one in the same, and Engineer and Producer, but the roles are very different. Here at LMI we can handle all of these roles to get the Music and Sound to where it needs to be for Mastering.

Mastering is the Final Stage

Audio Mastering is the final step in the music production process. It’s the post-production process of optimizing music and preparing it for music distribution. The mastering stage involves signal processing with equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, limiting, audio restoration, and other final touches. Mastering engineers must also adhere to specific loudness standards when creating digital masters.

The purpose of mastering is to make your music sound balanced, cohesive, uniform, professional, and ready for commercial release. Mastering also ensures playback optimization across various speaker systems and media formats.

Mastering accentuates everything in your music. It makes the good parts sound great, and the bad parts sound terrible. Moreover, problems not fixed in the recording stage are hard to correct during the mastering process. So, don’t send your music out for mastering if you’re not satisfied with your mix and edited music. You may not like what your mastering engineer sends back. Also, don’t count on them to fix your mistakes!
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