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LMI Studio Instructors Offer Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Training to Students of all ages and skills!

Many Guitar | Bass | Ukulele players struggle because they have difficulty finding guitar lessons that are properly structured to their current abilities. Or they have trouble getting past the gaps that have been previously taught through cookie-cutter coursework, that leave the student lost and confused.

With LMI, each lesson is crafted and setup to meet the needs of the students' current abilities and their next level goals, concepts, skills or ideas. The lessons are designed to allow you to gauge your skill and comprehension so you know when to hold and keep practicing or when to progress to the next level of training.

There is no guess work on what to do next or how to get to the next level of your playing skill, as we always end each session with an overview and offer explanations of what you should continue to practice and review before your next learning session. LMI Staff can help remove gaps and create session plans that are highly detailed and understandable to the individual.

You will learn that Guitar Theory is essential if you want to become an advanced guitarist. Guitar theory shows you HOW everything works in the guitar world and is a HUGE subject, so don’t expect to learn it all in a few sessions. Take it one step at a time. LMI Instructors teach all aspects of this theory as you progress through your training sessions.
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Learn the Theory as you go!

  • Learn what Intervals and Steps are
  • Understanding the Chromatic Scale
  • The Major Scale
  • The Circle of Fifths and Key signatures
  • Learn Chord Construction
  • Understand the meaning of "Diatonic" and what it does
  • Finding out what chords are in what key
  • Learn the Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales
  • Understanding the Modes of the Major Scale
  • And So Much More!

An in-depth knowledge of music theory, as it relates to stringed instruments, is essential for any musician. Learning the ropes so-to-speak, will rapidly expand your insight into your own & other peoples music and will assist in not only your song writing, but continue to help you grow as a player considerably.

Music Theory helps in all aspects of music, from instrument playing to song production work as well! LMI Instructors will work to ensure you have the understanding of theory, as you learn and play.

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