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Know the Importance of Your Safety

The importance of Your safety and security should never be taken for granted or forgotten, regardless of your performing status and level of fame! We can all remember instances when a person in the music industry was attacked, or even killed. As many of us tend to forget or ignore the issues that can arise with even just a little bit of fame, We must always remember our personal life is top priority, no matter what.

As a performer, you are open to a large variety of issues that can affect your personal safety. These issues vary greatly and most can occur with anyone in the public eye. Whether you perform for 20 people or 10,000 fans, you are responsible for knowing how to protect yourself.
If you are interested in learning about executive protection specialists, blockers/bodyguards, drivers and working with contract & private security staff, talk to us! We can explain the differences between all of them, from those at a venue to the personal security hired for you, how they're utilized, who provides & pays them and the experiences and job duties they perform... Yes, they are all different, have different roles and few have the knowledge & experience to perform the work they're doing in the music industry. Our security staff can explain all of these areas, including what to expect and not-to-expect from each!
Exec Protection Specialist
Executive Protection Specialist

Your Safety is - Your Concern!

Contract Security
Contract Security Officer
Disregarding all the talk about using additional security resources, there are many things you need to focus on for the protection of yourself no matter where you perform. Learning and Knowing key areas at every location you attend and perform at, is the foundation of protecting yourself. As a performer, you should be examing the building/venue, speaking with the owner(s), manager(s) and/or their head of security and making a plan for just about any scenario that could arise threatening your safety.

Knowing where All Exit Doors are located, clearly marked and will they open for you? Where are the fire extinguishers, first aid kits, AED kits and who is trained and responsible for their use? Are there sprinkler heads in the location? Are all pathways open, clear from debris/equipment for a speedy exit? Will the lighting be brought up in an emergency? Where is security staff positioned, what are their responsibilities during an emergency, who should I be looking to for instructions? Are police or "Off-Duty" police on site and where will they be?

As there are way more items and issues to discuss, these are just a few of the basics you need to know at every location. If you care about your safety, you should meet with our security staff to discuss all of the options and more. Our staff have over 25+ years with in contract, private and investigative services and hold key knowledge of the safety and security utilized by public figuires and performers.

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