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Let Us Repair Your Instruments

Just like your car, your instruments need love too! From cleanings to polish, string replacement to jack repairs and more. LMI Studio is a full Guitar|Bass|Drum Repair & Maintenance Shop for the tools you use in your music.

Between harsh weather conditions, abusive concerts, grueling road trips and just normal wear and tear, guitars & drums take a beating. Even those that just sit around un-played can show signs of needing a little love.

Bring in your Guitar | Bass | Drums | Stands | Cables | Mics | Speakers | Amps and More!
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Our Staff will take a look, decide what you should have done and make the repairs you approve.
Guitar Repair 1

Here are just some of our repair options

Guitar | Bass

Action Adjustment
Fretboard Binding Adjustments
Guitar Bridge Repair
Electronics Adjustment/Repair
Fret Adjustment/Repair
Neck Adjustment/Repair
Nut/Knob Replacement/Repair
Truss Rod Adjustment
Tuner Adjustment/Repair
Bridge Adjustment/Repair
Replace Bridge Plate
Intonation Adjustment
Deep Clean & Polishing
Acoustic Preamp installation
And More!

Guitar Neckwork
Drum Repairs 1
Drums | Bongos

Basic Snare Tune Ups
Drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)
Kick drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)
Snare throw/adjustment
Drilling wrap for hardware and mounting
Re-installing badge and/or vent grommet
Replacing Drum Heads
Rebuilding Drums
Tension Rod Replacement
Performance Tune-Ups
Clean and polish hardware and rims
Lubricate tension rods
Kick Redal Adjustments|Repair
Tom or Bass Drum Mounts
Leg Bracket Replacements
And More!

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