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Monday, January 17, 2022

  LMI Studio Online (LMIStudio.com) was developed as an addition to LMI Studio - LaFlamme Music Instruction, to provide a Digital Representation of the Services provided by LMI Studio and its' Owner[s]. In addition to the Promotional & Advertising aspect of a general website, LMI Studio wanted a way for Its' Students, Partners and Specific Others to be able to Communicate, Share and Work together with-in an environment capable of centralizing those involved with LMI Studio.

 This website is available to Any individual that is affiliated with LMI Studio, It's Staff, Partners and Special Friends. As LMI Studio is a proprietary business, LMI Studio Reserves All Rights to this Website and controls its options, functions and its' Membership.

General Agreement

  By Retaining Your Membership at LMIStudio.com, You Understand Every "Member" Must be affiliated with LMI Studio in some form. The Affiliations are classified below and Each Member Must be one of:

  • Student or Customer of LMI Studio Services
  • An Approved LMI Instructor
  • An Artist or Band Mate of LMI Staff - Or Member With
  • A Personal Friend or Family Member of LMI Staff
  • A Manager or Promoter - Working With or Through LMI Studio
  • A Business or Contractor working For or With LMI Studio

 LMI Studio Staff, Special Members and Administrators Reserve the Right to police All Members and Their Content on this website. They have the ability and authorization to Remove Any Content deemed unfit for LMIStudio.com, its' Members and/or Website Visitors and Guests.  Some of these Abilities and Actions Include:

  • Change, Edit or Remove Profile Information - Wording, Selections, Links and/or Posts.
  • Delete Any Digital Content - Images, Videos, Audio Files, Events, Etc..
  • Warn, Ban, Disable and Even Remove a Members Account & All Associated Info Completely.

 *No-One can View, Edit or Stop Any electronic data processed though the LMI Messaging System or Instant Chat Messenger, other than those related to the Sending or Receiving of such messages.. Administrators do Not have access to Any Messaging Content So if You Delete it.. It's Gone!

 All Members are responsible for Any and All Media, written or otherwise, that they Post, Share, Upload and/or Link to. All Content Must be of a nature suitable to individuals of 18+ years of age, However You Must understand that some members be Under this age and have the ability to view whatever content you may upload and/or share. All Members can Report Violations at anytime! When in doubt of your content, ask an LMI Instructor or Administrator Before uploading or posting!

 General Rules & Guidelines

  LMI Studio Online is a Membership Community.. As a community, its' Members Must treat each other respectfully. Any Member using this website to Defame, Slander or to Intimidate Any Individual, Group or Outsider regardless of intent, membership or reason May Be Removed from the system! As every situation is different, the actions performed by LMI Staff will vary. Actions may include Written Conversations, Warnings, Profile Banning, Account Disablement and in severe cases Account Closure and Deletion.

 All Members are encouraged to use LMIStudio.com to converse with LMI Staff and Other Members, as a Public Community of Musical Interest and to continue their services with LMI Studio. All are welcome to share their experiences, training sessions and digital content relating to the music industry and LMI Services Online in the sections available to them.

 The Following Are NOT ALLOWED while using LMIStudio.com:

  • Overaggressive Messages - Spamming via Any Message System
  • Intimidation or Coercion of and against Any Member
  • Attempts to Retrieve Personal Information Not Publicly Shared
  • Using LMIStudio.com to entrap, host, share, promote, sell or conduct any opportunity or activity deemed illegal, deceptive or scandalous.
  • Attempts to gain access to Other Member Accounts, on or off this website, by installing Malicious Code, Back-End Entry, Links to Phishing websites and/or Any Other Form.
  • Uploading, Publishing or Sharing Digital Media & Content for which You are Not the Owner Of, or Have the Rights to distribute.
  • Copying, Re-Posting and/or Downloading Other Members Content to share off this website, claim as yours or use maliciously by any means. *Members wishing to have Their Artwork, Music Samples or Info shared elsewhere is at their discretion and You Must ask their permission first, if not already mentioned in their profile, posts and/or requests!

Access Rights & Site Usage

 LMI Studio Staff and Members of the Admin Team have a suite of options and tools to use in conjunction with our website policies. Access Rights and/or Account Deletion is an LMI Prerogative. This Means, We Reserve the Right to Deny Membership, Access and/or Account Continuation at Any Time for Any Reason!

Reporting Violators: All Members have the 1-Click option to "Report" another member for Violating Any of our site guidelines!

Leaving LMI Online: All Members have the ability to Disable and/or Delete Their Own Account Anytime They Choose!

Website Safety & Security

 No Website, Anywhere, is 100% Safe and Secure... We have taken multiple steps to keep LMIStudio.com as safe as possible for all that may visit us.  Member profiles are designed to be completed with as little, or as much information you wish to share. Remember, Anything you post into your profile may be viewed by others..  You Account Passwords and Social Media Linked Accounts are Protected By Both LMIStudio.com and the Social Media Provider[s]. ie; Twitter and Facebook.

 Our Links to Outside sources have been checked, tested and confirmed to be safe for use. We use PayPal for Payments to LMI Studio, to absolve ourselves of the cost and security of having to protect your personal and financial information. Utilizing PayPal Payment Processing ensures your Payment[s], Credit Services and Financial Information are kept private & secure with no intervention by LMI Studio..

Tracking and Site Visitor Information

 We use a variety of programs to help keep Visitors, Members and our Website Safe! Our software uses cookies to keep Members Logged in and use the variety of profile options. Other programs we utilize help us protect your log-in information, detour Unauthorized access to member accounts, web interface and servers. Our abilities extend further out, for which we obviously cannot share here in too much detail... But, None of us have access or the ability to track down to your physical address and private information. We do however have the necessary tools to Monitor, Record, Block, Ban and Report Specific Device Information to Authorities as needed. With this information, Law Enforcement Can use it to Identify You for their purposes in legal actions.


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