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Thursday, October 21, 2021

LMI Studio was created and formed by Nationally Known Guitarist Scott LaFlamme.  After Years of offering Music Lessons to students of all ages, Scott realized that his background and experience could benefit those also looking to Record & Produce their own music. He then built up "LaFlamme Music Instruction" into LMI Studio to provide much more than just music lessons.

  Scott LaFlamme has elevated LMI Studio into an open and unique business.. Utilizing industry greats, LMI Studio can now offer training and consultations world-wide Online and at a variety of locations throughout the United States. Students and Staff can interact online with this website, work together via LMI Studios' Video-Chat Interface, ©Skype or In-Person at specified and approved LMI Sites..

LMI Studio Desk - East Longmeadow, MA   LMI is a full featured, HD recording studio serving Western Massachusetts and Beyond! Our studio is designed to connect the warmest vintage (and new) analog recording equipment to the power and speed of state-of-the-art digital music production. We can help take your recording project from the idea phase to professional completion, while getting the best possible sound for the end result on Compact Disk and MP3′s optimized for online distribution and more!

  We Offer so much more than just Professional Music Recording, at LMI we have the Professional and Experienced Musicians available to provide Instrument and Voice Lessons, Session Work, Song Writing & Composition, Vocal Instruction and a variety of other Classes related to Mastering, Engineering and Digital Distribution. Scott at LMI Studio - East Longmeadow, MA

  Whether you're a Beginner just looking to learn, or the seasoned musical veteran ready to get your sound heard, LMI Studio is very capable of offering services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Staff will work with you (or your group) to create an advancement plan specified to the actions and results you're looking to reach. Every Client has different needs and goals to achieve, and our staff will work with you based on your current level of ability and needs. 

 LMI Studio prides itself in developing custom and individual training sessions, that surpass the standard cookie-cutting type instruction found at local music stores/shops!  Using Classic, Standard and Customized Training Techniques... LMI Instructors provide the necessary training, theory and developed instructional processes that keep students leaving every lesson feeling accomplished and eager for their next training session!

Students need to "Feel" the Music they are playing rather than just following the notes!

Scott LaFlamme

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