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Monday, January 17, 2022

General F.A.Q's!

General F.A.Q's!

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 The LMI Studio is available for individuals and small groups to rent for a place to hold practice (Jam) sessions. 

 Studio Rental Fee's are Hourly Based and Must be confirmed by appointment!

Additional options and services are available while renting the Studio space, for an additional fee. These May Include:

  • Recording Service - Partial or Entire Studio Practice
  • Production Work
  • Consults & Advisory Recommendations - Pointers
  • CD/MP3 Creation, Copying
  • Session Work - With an Instructor as a player/vocalist
  • And More!
    *Studio Rental Availability Must Be Confirmed! Individual Factors may be dependent on Scheduling, Type of Music/Instrument(s) in use, amount of individuals, additional services requested, etc.. An Official LMI Representative will Always Be Present for all Scheduled Rental Times.


  The LMI Studio Online Website is designated for those associated with LMI Studio! During the Registration process, You Are Required to select your LMI Affiliation based on your association. Choosing the Incorrect/Inappropriate affiliation could "Deny" your Registration and Access to LMI Online.  Each Affiliation has its' own Access and Profile Design. These Settings help allow each group to have a more Customized Experience!

LMI Students:  Any Individual that is currently working with LMI Instructors or Staff in a learning capacity.

LMI Instructors:  Individuals that work for, or sub-contracted with LMI Studio to provide any Training, Lessons or Instruction to LMI Students.

LMI Associates:  Any Business working with or for LMI Studio and its' partners.

Artist / Band-mate:  Any Performing Artist that works with LMI Individuals (Staff, Instructors, etc.) for Live Events, Showcases and/or Performances.

Manager / Promoter:  Individuals that provide Managerial and/or Promotion work for Music Industry Artists, Performers and LMI Students looking to grow with-in the performing aspects of the industry.

Friend of LMI:  These individuals are typically Friends of LMI Staff, such as Family Members, Significant Others and Approved General Persons allowed to have access. 

* Those Not Associated with LMI Studio in the above capacity,  will have their Registration and Member Access Denied!


  All LMI Instructors are seasoned veterans of the music industry and May be available to assist in your current projects!

Instructors May be be hired to provide a variety of functions, Some of which may include:

  • As a Player:  If you need someone to fill-in or play during your Recording Session, Perform as a Playing Artist at an event or just need a temporary back-up to your primary musician.
  • As a Vocalist:  Should you need someone to fill in, or as a back-up, to Record music sessions or at as a temp. replacement at events.
  • Provide Session Work:  Session work is a broad range of activity and is usually based on the particular need. Whether you need Production Assistance, Professional Recording Services, Song Writing & Transcription, Custom Mixing Work or Full Engineering Services our Instructors may be available in short-term, advanced and/or custom consultation session work.
  • Consultations:  LMI Staff, Instructors and Associates can offer a strong and enforced opinion to many of the music industry services, needs and advancements present in today's world. Our Staff is available if your looking for honest ability perceptions, recommendations on audio, lyrics, performance standards, equipment recommendations or enhancing skill sets in performance, stage-presence, song-writing, industry standards or artist safety concerns.

*Individual Instructor & Session Work Fees are based on the particular needs & services requested. In most cases, Fully Designated & Signed Agreements will need to be in place prior to the start of any work by LMI Instructors, Staff or Associates. In more advanced requests, properly executed Ryders and/or Contracts may also need to be Reviewed and Agreed by All Parties involved!

  Only Registered Members of LMI Studio may Log-In to access our website.  These Members have previously Registered and Access was "Approved" by an Official LMI Administration User. To Learn More about becoming an LMI Online Member, CLICK HERE!

  • Member Log-In Issue:  I am already Registered and Can't Log-In?  Please Use the "Forgot Login" Link at the bottom of the LMI Member Access Panel. Select the information you may have forgotten and follow the provided instructions.
  • Twitter / Facebook Sign-In Issue:  Only Registered Members of LMI Studio Online may use the Twitter and/or Facebook 1-Click Sign-In options.. Members that have been Registered to use LMI Studio Online Must "Link" their Twitter and/or Facebook Accounts to their LMI Studio Profile.  When a Member Logs-In to LMI Online, they are taken to their "Dashboard" Page where they will see their "LMI Member Panel" containing a Welcome Message, Their Avatar, etc..  If the Member has Not yet linked their Twitter or Facebook account, the  "Link with ..." buttons will be visible.. Members Must Link their Account to LMI Online in order to use the 1-click Sign In option[s].
  • I Still Can't Log-In!  Please Use the "Contact Us" Form and select "LMI Studio Website Help" under the "For Studio Services" section and describe your details in the box provided below. Be descriptive in the issue and describe any error[s] you are receiving when attempting to log-in. A Member of the Admin Team will work to resolve the issue and contact you with a resolve as soon as they can. In some cases, they may need further details and information to correct the issue and/or confirm your identity.
  • Sign-In Error Message[s]:  We have installed several security options to help protect Website Access for the Protection of our Members and website visitors.. These programs use a variety of tools & actions to protect everyone and may occasionally Restrict, Block and even Ban specific Individuals, Devices or Areas from which possible Fraudulent Access attempts have been made. In Most cases, you will be given an Error and Message describing the issue. Please Follow the instructions that are provided beneath the Error Message. If You still need further help, Please Use the ""Contact Us" Form.


  This Website is a Multi-Purpose Platform developed specifically for LMI Studio and its' affiliated members.

  • The Primary Platform Purpose:  The Primary Purpose of LMIStudio.com is to offer a simple, online and visible informational tool to express the foundation, principle and general work & services offered by LMI Studio - LMI Studios - LaFlamme Music Instruction! More than just an Advertising site, LMIStudio.com allows the general public to view information about the business, its' partners and abilities.
  • The Secondary Platform Purpose:  LMIStudio.com was developed with Its' Community style design to enhance the Internal & External communications, interactions and promotional benefits to LMI Staff, Members and Users. Having an Online Based Community allows LMI Associates to Connect, Share and Interact with All Members from Any Location and/or Device! Utilizing this online system approach gives LMI Staff and It's Members a host of informational sharing, communication and individual aspects for those that may be located anywhere in the U.S. and not always available In-Studio. *LMI Reserves All Rights - Membership to LMI Online can be Approved, Denied and/or Revoked at any time!
  • Performance Information:  LMIStudio.com was designed to work on Most electronic devices connected to the internet. In General, our website shall work and act the same whether using a PC, Laptop or Any Mobile Device..  As with any website, the layout and options may appear slightly different from one device to the next and connection speeds of the particular device play a large part in website use and visibility speeds.  It is for these reasons this website was designed with the layout in use to be most effective across a variety of devices, web browsers and connections.  The site was built with a standard Browser and/or Monitor size of at least 1024px wide, However we have included the Responsive ability to allow performance to benefit All Monitor and/or Browser Sizes with little to no change in its' usage and abilities.
  • Access Rights & Permissions:  Under certain limitations, Visitors attempting to view LMIStudio.com from Specific Countries and/or Regions may NOT have access to this website! These "Blocks" have been set in place to prevent known regions that contain a high level of Individual, Electronic and/or web-based attack services. This allows us to help protect our Website, its' Guests and Users from malicious code, attacks, spam and spyware insertions by improper and usually illegal means. 
  • Website Usage & Terms of Service (TOS):  The General Website is available for the Public (Guests) to view and browse. Selected areas, such as the LMI Online Community, including profiles, messaging services and other services available to Registered Members, should Only be accessed and utilized by "Approved Members".  All Members have been given a variety of tools to help provide website, member and individual safety and security. Reporting, Banning and Blocking options are available to Every Member and are encouraged to use these options to protect themselves, website users and its' general services.   To View Our Full Terms of Service & Usage Guidelines, Click Here!



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