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Monday, January 17, 2022
Join The LMI Studio Online Community! All Students, Friends, Artists, Managers and Promoters associated with LMI Studio can Join Our Website Community! 

What Is The LMI Studio Online Community?  Similar to Facebook, LMI Online is its' own Social Media Platform! Members have the ability to Share themselves with others working with or for LMI Studio.  Members are categorized by their LMI Association and have their own custom and personalized profiles to post their information and experiences. Student Profiles are different from Instructors, as LMI Associate Profiles will be different than an Artist or Manager Profile. Profiles are set with simple fields to post and share specific details about Yourself, Band or Business. Members can share as much, or as little as they choose!

Every LMI Studio Online Member Receives:

Personalized Profile Page:

  • Personalize Your Own Avatar and Header Images
  • Add Personal Details, Notes, Experiences and More
  • Share Photos, Videos and Even Your Own Music
  • Your Own Guestbook type wall for others to leave comments
  • Browse Member Profiles With Multiple Search Tools & Options
  • Block & Report Members for Inappropriate behavior
  • Communicate with LMI Staff & Make Profile Connections

LMI Messaging System:

  • Internal Email Messaging - Send Messages to other Members and Staff
  • Create Contact Lists to Coordinate and Find Others Quickly
  • Get Email Notifications of Messages waiting - when Offline

Instant - Private - Chat Messaging:

  • Members can see who is Online at All Times
  • Chat Openly with All Members while on any page
  • Send Instant Private Messages to Online Members
  • Use the LMI Video to Video Interface System
  • Add Your ©Skype Name to Your Profile and/or Messenger

LMI Community Pages:

  • Join Specific Community Groups To Communicate
  • Post and Communicate through a Community Wall
  • Post Photos, Videos and Music In The Group
  • Share Your Upcoming Events / Performances

Message Boards & Forum:

  • View & Post to Message Boards
  • Write Your Own Equipment Reviews
  • Post Used Equipment for Sale
  • And More To Come!

Additional LMI Studio Pages & Options:

  • Ability To Book LMI Lessons Online
  • Make Lesson Payments Online
  • Simple 1-Click Log-In using Social Media
  • ***More Coming Soon - Like***
  • Watch Online Training Videos
  • Purchase "Blocks" of Training Sessions
  • Upload Your "Homework" Videos & Files



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