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Monday, January 17, 2022
Complete high-end Professional Recording and Engineering services for solo artists or small groups.

   Whether you're looking to have your sound recorded for Demo Work, Digital Distribution or Other Collaborations, LMI Studio offers the space, recording equipment and the Engineering you want and need for all of your music recording projects.  Our Studio has an assortment of microphones and other equipment needed to handle your personal, business and commercial projects. For All of your music recording needs, LMI Studio is an affordable place to record vocals and live instruments.

  It’s common for recording engineers to work with artists for days or even weeks before the actual recording session begins. Engineers assist recording artists in arriving at the studio and setting up their instruments and other gear. Recording engineers work with artists to arrive at good instrument and vocal sounds before an actual recording session takes place. Once recording actually begins many recording engineers will essentially serve as producers. Others merely act as engineers, allowing the artists to record as they will and sticking to the technical aspects of the process. Still others may work with an actual producer in a role that can fall anywhere between collaborator and studio lackey. Whether it’s providing another set of ears for a producer, being a soundboard for ideas to bounce off of or ducking into a room to fix a harmonica mic, an audio engineer is essential to your recordings.

  Good recording engineers are often musicians themselves. However while being a musician is helpful it is also important to have good technical and computer skills. Recording engineers must understand musical instruments and how to capture their sound onto tape or digitally. They must also know how to balance the whole skillfully. There are many technical aspects to doing this and a good recording engineer must be on top of them all. Soundboards, mixing boards, microphones, cables, guitars, computers, preamps, drums, horns, turntables, synthesizers and more. Somehow it must all come together to create a song.

LMI Staff are Seasoned Recording Artists and have the full knowledge base needed to offer Complete Audio Recording & Engineering Services!

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