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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Other Training & Services

Other Training & Services

  LMI Studio Staff and Associates have a long history of working in the Music Business! Offering their years of training and experiences through additional classes, any individual can receive custom information, training and recommendations relating the music industry. Whether you're looking to enter the business or enhance your current skills, we can help you reach your goals!

  • Writing Creative Lyrics - Familiar Lyrics
  • Focusing Your Lyrics
  • Writing Melodies that work - Melody Structuring
  • Integrating Lyrics & Melodies
  • Choosing the right chord[s]
  • Choosing Progressions - Fragile / Strong
  • Considering Form
  • Music Recording
  • Editing
  • Producing Acoustic Music
  • Audio Perception
  • Analog and Digital Audio Principles
  • Stereo and Multitrack Recordings
  • Mixing - Instruments - Sound Bytes
  • Synchronization - Smooth Transitions
  • Processing & Mastering
  • Selection - Purpose and Ability
  • Budgeting for Usage
  • Style & Genre Purpose
  • Equipment Storage & Transporting
  • Peak Performance Tools & Additions
  • Working with Managers & Promoters
  • Working with Producers & Engineers
  • Working with Label Executives
  • Home Based Self-Recording
  • Self-Promoting - Performing
  • Self Booking - Contract Tips
  • Event Performances - Mixed Artists
  • Stage Presence / Persona
  • Performance Placement & Movement
  • Physical (Body) Adjustments & Movement
  • Performing in Character
  • Individual or Group Performing
  • Public Greeting - Persona Off-Stage
  • Home Life - Performance Transition
  • Individual - Local Performances
  • On-The-Road Performances
  • At Large Venues - Scaled Events
  • Using Personal Protection Specialists
  • Working with 3rd Party Security Guards
  • Home & Family Life

  Our Studio is available for individuals and small groups to use for Practice and Jam Sessions.

  • Renting Studio Space Must be scheduled in advance
  • Rental Fee is based on a 2 Hour Minimum
  • An LMI Staff Member or Designee Must be present

Additional Services are available during your Practice - Jam Session (Additional Fees Required):

  • Recording Services - Have your session Recorded to CD and/or MP3
  • Recommendation Service - Let our Instructors have a listen and offer up Tips, Tricks and Recommendations
  • Have an Instructor Serve as a Player, Vocalist and/or as a temporary Fill-In
  • And Many More Options



  We offer a variety of Services relating to Your Equipment. Musical Instruments Must be in top playing condition and meet the needs of its' player! Our Staff, Instructors and Associates can help you attain the peak level of performance with your instruments.

  • Instrument Tuning
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Adding Accessories and Instruction 
  • Order Custom Builds and Designs
  • Have Custom Paint & Artwork done
  • Product Recommendations & Budgeting
  • Purchasing Design - Options - Sales Help
  • And More!

  We can transfer your old Music, Videos and Images to Modern Media for Distribution, Playback or just holding on to memories while conserving space at home!

  • VHS Video Tapes to DVD, MP4 Media Platforms
  • Audio Tapes to CD, MP3 Media
  • Compact Disc and/or MP3 Creation for Distribution
  • CD - DVD Labels - Case Covers and More
  • Transfer Image Media to External Drives - Thumbdrives


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