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Monday, January 17, 2022

Learn to Play an Instrument or Enhance your current skills to the Next level!

  LMI Studio Instructors Offer Instrument Training to Students and Artists of All Ages & Levels. Whether You are the Beginner looking to learn and play or a seasoned player looking to find and hone your skills, LMI is ready to help! Our Instructors are well known professional artists, many of which still perform regularly and have been members of bands/groups with National Recording contracts. All Instrument lessons are personalized to meet the abilities and needs of each student, to reach their desired goal.

  Students can learn from professional instructors with the following Instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Piano

  Our Instructors carry the classic, as well as unique, training styles. Students of All backgrounds and levels can benefit from our different & customized training techniques. Whether looking to play the music you read, or just learning to play by ear, LMI Staff have the experience and professionalism to get you playing...

At LMI, Students not only learn musical theory, technique and how to play, but have the opportunity to record each lesson or book studio sessions, use of the studio for rehearsals, song writing or just straight out jam sessions.  There are endless possibilities of what students can accomplish here at LMI. 

 "Students Learn To Feel The Music They Are Playing, Rather Than Just Playing The Notes"

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