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Saturday, June 19, 2021

LMI Studio Live Broadcasts & Events

LMI Studio Live Broadcasts & Events

LMI Studio and Approved Members may host Live Video Feeds of Special Events and Other Activities!

Scheduled Live Events will be posted throughout LMIStudio.com and LMI Social Media Platforms.

LMI Offers Four (4) ways to Broadcast LIVE Events for Fan Viewing: 

LMI Live Event Page LMI Live Feed on LMIStudio.com and YouTube with Interactive Chat!
LMI Periscope.TV LMI Studio with Periscope.TV App, Online and with Mobile Chat!
LMI-MA Facebook LMI-East Longmeadow, MA with Live Facebook Video Feed!
LMI-CA Facebook LMI-Hollywood, CA with Live Facebook Video Feed!

All Scheduled and Pre-Planned Event Broadcasts will be Posted at LMIStudio.com, Shared Across LMI Social Media Accounts and LMI Staff, Members and Friends with also have the option to "Share" Upcoming Event Details on their Personal Social Media Accounts!

Instant "On-The-Fly" Live Event Broadcasts In Most cases, these Event Types will be Broadcast Live using the Periscope App from an LMI Individuals' Smart-Phone. Once they are Broadcasting, Social Media Messages will be sent out automatically by the system. In addition to tweets & messages, Those already Following the LMI Studio Periscope TV Account can set their profiles to receive Instant Periscope Alerts when LMI Studio Goes Live!

In Summary...  Follow @LMIStudio on Twitter and the Mobile Periscope.tv App!



LMI Studio Live Broadcasts!

Live Broadcasts will be conducted by LMI Studio Staff and/or Authorized Individuals to provide a Live Media Event that the Public and LMI Members may be interested in viewing. All Live Events will be recorded and added to the website archive of live events so others may view the original broadcast at a later time.

 LMI Live Events will be streamed to this website, using the direct link:  LMIStudio.com/LIVE - During Live Events, the LMI Studio Chat Bar will be function as the Live Chat...  *Note: Some LMI Studio Events may have the Studio Chat "Open" and Available for All Visitors & Viewers to Chat during the event. LMI Members will have their Usernames as normal, and Visitors will be assigned a "Guest#" as a username.

Type's of Broadcasts That May Appear:

Studio Feeds:

 A Live Broadcast from the LMI Studio! Whether it's showcasing Special/VIP Visitors to the studio or Broadcasting Practice/Jam Sessions , these Events boast a variety of options for sharing. LMI Studio Staff may use these broadcasts to showcase artists, talent or even to get the public's opinion about an individual/group looking for feedback to break out into the public eye.

Location Feeds:

 LMI Staff and/or Authorized Individuals may Broadcast Live from another location, on LMI Studios' behalf. These may be featuring artists, live public shows/events, interviews, jam sessions and more!

The Live Events Feeds May Be:

  • Live Viewing of Studio Operations
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Artists or Instructors (Interviews)
  • Live Individual[s]/Group Practice, Recording and/or Training Sessions
  • Special Guests Performing Live - In-Studio
  • Watch New Talent Sessions and Provide Your Feedback
  • LMI Group Events - Parties - Gatherings
  • And More... !


LMI Periscope Live Broadcasts via the Periscope App!

LMI Studio Staff, Instructors and Approved Members have the ability to now Stream Live Events from Their Smart-Phone, using the LMI Studio Periscope.tv account. These Live Events will be Visible to users of the Web on a special Periscope.tv Webpage and to Viewers with the Free Periscope App on their Mobile Device.  When They're Broadcasting, Visit https://www.periscope.tv/LMIStudio

 During these Periscope.tv Broadcasts, Only individuals viewing the Event from their Mobile Device will be able to chat. Web Users will see the video stream, view the mobile users chat! *Note: LMI Members may still use the LMI Studio Chat Bar to chat with LMI Members!

The Advantages to using this Live Event Broadcast Platform are:

  • LMI Staff/Instructors are able to Go Live Instantly, From anywhere with just their mobile device!
  • Simple 1-Click Login & Activation, along with automatic Alerts to Followers!
  • Can provide Quick Q&A's, Interviews and Meet & Greets with Artists or Fans from the road!
  • Offers Staff the ability give Members & Fans a glimpse into their personal lives!

Disadvantages to these Feeds are:

  • LMI Staff Must have a good connection from their Mobile Device - Video Quality is based on their connection!
  • Users Must see Social Media Messages to know there is a Live Video Broadcast.  *Those using the Periscope App on their mobile device can Follow LMI Studio and set up the Live Alert Feature to be notified the minute an Event Goes Live!
  • Mobile Event Streams will generally be shorter in length!
  • The Individual might be Both the Cameraman and the Video Subject, juggling both jobs!
  • The Periscope App is a Free Service and We Have No Control over any issues they may have!

*Note:  LMI Instructors and Even LMI Members May have their Own Periscope Accounts to provide their own Live Video Broadcasts... If You have an account and want others to Follow You, Be Sure to list your Periscope User Name to your Profile on the "Contact & Social Media" section.



LMI Studio Live Event Facebook Video Feeds!

 Authorized LMI Studio Staff may broadcast an Event using LIVE Video from our LMI Facebook Pages! These Live Broadcasts are streamed through Facebook and appear Online through a variety of devices. These Live Events may last up to 90 minutes in length, per Facebooks' current guidelines.

 Facebook Video Feeds may be streamed from "Any" Location on behalf of LMI Studio, using tools associated with LMI Studio. Such Events that may be streamed via Facebook Include:

  • Live Viewing of Studio Sessions & Operations
  • Staff "On-The-Road" Field Trips & Updates
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Artists or Instructors (Interviews)
  • Live Individual[s]/Group Practice, Recording and/or Training Sessions
  • Special Guests Performing Live - In-Studio
  • New Talent Sessions and Feedback Presentations
  • LMI Group Events - Parties - Gatherings
  • And More... !

 As with Any LMI Live Event Broadcast, Updates and Scheduled Performances will be shared across LMI Studio Social Media Accounts and here at LMIStudio.com


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