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Monday, January 17, 2022

The Profile Page of Samuel LaFleche (LMIAdmin)

Samuel LaFleche (LMIAdmin)
February 24

I am the Personal Friend and Webmaster to Scott LaFlamme!

  As the Official LMI Studio Website Administrator - I hold several responsibilities and positions. Under full authority of LMI Studio, I am the primary individual controlling, managing and processing of actions concerning this website. I am also the Dir. of Security, Safety & Investigations for LMI Studio, Staff and Visitors..  Some of my duties include:

  • Monitor, Control and Update website areas, programs and packages as needed.
  • Assist LMI Staff with Questions, Training and Access Right Management.
  • Provide Troubleshooting to Any LMI Studio Online Member.
  • Create and Post Special Website Pages for Approved Individual(s) and/or Groups.
  • Monitor Website Security, Safety and Tracking Programs to ensure safe usage for all.
  • Respond to Member Issues, Concerns and Help Requests when needed.
  • Process LMI Member Account Violations - Assist LMI Staff with proper response actions.
  • Monitor All Website Visitor Activity - Respond to Attacks to the site and/or its' users.
  • When Needed, Provide Support and Special Services to LMI Studio Staff - Instructors - Associates.
  • Control Affiliated "Special Members" and "Access Rights" to LMI Studio Online.
  • Control All Back-End Operations of LMI Studio Online - Including Special Security Platforms.
  • Special Assistant to Scott LaFlamme and Others Regarding Online Services, Special Needs and Outside Product Support.
  • Provide Security & Safety Consultations to Individuals and Groups of the Music Industry: Home Life - OTR - On Location.
  • Handing All Security & Safety Aspects of LMI Studio, Staff and Visitors to the facility. Including, But not limited to Security Systems, Cameras, Access Control, Protective Services, Investigations, Media Electronics, Photo/Video Imaging and more! 
  • And There's So Much More!

 In Short.. If you have an issue at LMIStudio.com... You Should Contact Me for your Best Resolve!

01/25/2015 16:48:54

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