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Thursday, October 21, 2021



Learn About Blizzard of Randy!

Blizzard of Randy - The Group

Blizzard of Randy is a tribute project, dedicated to the music of Ozzy Osbourne during the era of legendary guitarist, Randy Rhoads. An exceptional Guitarist, Randy Rhoads' sudden death ended his musical career in 1982. The "Blizzard Of Randy" project dedicates its' time and skills to honor the music performed by one of the Best Guitarists of our time, while ensuring his legendary career is never forgotten!

All Booking and Informational Request's for Blizzard of Randy can be made through LMI Studio using our Contact Form or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stephen Desko

Stephen Desko   Stephen was born in West Germany to American parents, before moving to the always exciting Drexel Hill, PA, where he grew up. Stephen is the second oldest of four brothers. Stephen has been singing for most of his life. He has had a very successful career. He started out with original bands such as Bad Material, Gary Gyll, and Bicycle Pete. He has played most major venues in the metro Philly area in addition to venues like CBGB’s and the Elbow Room in New York City.

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Derrick Pontier

Derrick Pontier - Drummer   Derrick Pontier of Huntington Beach, CA. Playing drums for over 30 years, he has toured the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore and more. Derrick joined American Hard Rock band Great White in 2001 and played with them through 2005, as well as Jack Russell’s Great White from 2011 through 2014. He is featured on the 2001 live record “Thank You…Goodnight!”. Derrick also toured the United States and United Kingdom as a member of Poison guitarist, CC Deville’s solo project, Samantha 7. He has performed with numerous other bands featuring allstar members, such as Angel’s Frank DiMino and Stryper’s Oz Fox.

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Jason Cornwell

Jason Cornwell - Bass   Jason Cornwell (Boston Bassman), who is most known for playing in "Mr. Big’s Eric Martin" as well as countless tours with bands like "Dokken." He is currently endorsed by Brubaker Basses, SIT Strings, Ernie Ball, Vivid Amps, and most recently EBS Professional Bass Equipment.

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Scott LaFlamme

Scott LaFlamme   The Co-Founder of Super Troup, Proprietor of LMI Studio and a Nationally known Guitarist, Scott has been touring nationally for 20 years, while teaching music in his home state and online while building up the Professional Music Recording & Instruction Studio. A former member of Bang Tango, Blind Tiger, Vicious Disorder and Fill-in guitarist for many others..

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