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Beyond The Wrath is the latest group founded and created by Ronny Munroe, former frontman of Metal Church and currently the Lead Vocalist of Vicious Rumors, Between Worlds and Munroe's Thunder.

With 35+ years in the music industry, having performed with the Presto Ballet, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and countless others, Ronny has developed this group to showcase his broad vocal range and power to capture the attention of new audiences and fans alike.

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Beyond The Wrath Members

Ronny Munroe

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Vocalist & Group Founder

Ronny brings his experience and unique writing skills to form "Beyond The Wrath" with newly written material for all to enjoy. Focusing on the Metal music genre', he has written some of his best lyrics along with the music accompaniment to showcase his talent and vocal range to bring an enticing show to audiences of any venue.

Ronnys' music training, backgound and years of performing has surely helped him advance into one of the most professionally known and sought after vocalists of our time.

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Roy Coston

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Throughout his career, virtuoso guitarist Roy Coston has been writing, performing, producing, and releasing material across North America. Since 1984, Roy has been apart of numerous bands/groups, having released multiple songs and albums with several different labels.

Roys' dedication to music has rarely been matched by others and continues to perform with a passion for his art..

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Jason Cornwell

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Jason or "JC" spends his time performing in multiple bands as one of the top Bassists in New England. Holding several endorsements, including Gibson Guitars, JC brings fire to bass playing. An artist for Brubaker Musical Instruments, Jason remains one of the best.

Playing for West Bound, SteelCity, Road Dawg, Starrdust and others Jason keeps fresh and tight with his music.

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Gunnar Coston

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As the Lead Drummer of WICKED since 2015, Gunnar has proven himself on the skins time and time again. He continues to play for other bands, including COSTON with a taste for success throughout the drumming world. He is one to watch!

More recently Gunnar announced WICKED's release of "The Last American Rock Band" Available now.

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Scott LaFlamme

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Scott has played for many groups, including Bang Tango, Vicious Disorder and others. He continues to perform in Blizzard of Randy, Starrdust, Road Dawg and is a fill-in session player as well.

Keeping busy, Scott is the proprietor of LMI Studio and shares his art form, experience and life long love of music with his students and recording artists.

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Beyond The Wrath Music Video

A "Live" Recording from the New England Rock Fest

Live Performance & Group Photos

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